A l i s o   R e c o r d s

h o m e         c a t a l o g         a r t i s t s         c o m p o s i t i o n s         c o m p a n y         c o n t a c t

  1. 1.I´m so lonesome I could cry

  2. 2.guantanamora

In 1980 started ALISO RECORDS as an independent Label,
founding by TOTO BLANKE

As the cooperation with some big distributors e.g. ITM, BGM, ARIS, JPC turned out to be quite successful,other musicians of the Folk- and Jazz scene were taken into Aliso`s programme.

Apple I Tunes, Musicload and AOL are our most important partners. All music pieces are obtainable in every relevant audio - format and the matching covers can be downloaded. It is possible to purchase both single titles and complete albums. All pieces of our production can be listened to before purchase.

Of course you can further on obtain Aliso Records productions on high quality CDs for conventional players. For detailed information about our CD – and music productions see the following pages and go to the the complete catalog here:


like a fly


  1. 1.Rendezvous

  2. 2.If the time

Available on CD and
iTunes: Oct. / 2016

Available on Vinyl LP
& iTunes: Oct. / 2016

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