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BELLA DONNA, the second recording of one of the most remarkable Jazzgroups of the 80th, ELECTRIC CIRCUS, with Tony Lakatos (ts),Norbert Dömling (b),Gabor Szende (dr) and the leader Toto Blanke on el.guitar.Blankes unique compositions like SEE YOU TOMORROW or the titel song BELLA DONNA belong today to the the repertoir of many jazzgroups.

t was the "Baden Baden New Jazzmeeting 1976" where Toto founded his first "Electric Circus" group with Jasper van't Hof and the Finnish drummer Edward Vesala. In the same year the first Electric Circus LP was recorded. It was described by international critics as ?a milestone in the history of Jazz and contemporary music of the eighties. In 1978 Toto Blanke was sent to Perugia, Italy, by ARD to represent the Federal Republic of Germany at the EBU concert.A new LP was released: "Tales of Tomorrow", Bellaphone, and Toto and Charly Mariano made an extremely successful tour through the former GDR which was repeated one year later.
Electric Circus Best" was released in 1997