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Rene Marino Rivero was born in Tacuarembo,Uruguay.
He is professor and director
of the studio for contemporary
music in Montevideo. His activities as composer and bandoneon virtuoso as well as his transcriptions of the
baroque works by J.S. Bach made him well known. He composed several
works for the most famous bandoneon player Astor Piazolla, too. Rivero himself masters the complete spectrum of the bandoneon.
His instrument has an incredible sonority and reminds in passages
of an organ and this, not least, made him present Bach`s Works in his
concerts. But Rivero is deeply bound with the Tango, the music of his native country. Hardly any other
musician of this genre is able to use his instrument as a story-teller of sorrow and nostalgia so convincingly. Beside Piazolla, Rivero is considered the most prominent international bandoneon player. Since the end of the eighties he has
periodically appeared in Europe, too - in Paris, Madrid, Switzerland. In 1989 a member of the “Trio Tango “,
the Uruguayan singer Raoul Montero, appeared with him in concerts  in Germany,too