A l i s o   R e c o r d s

h o m e         c a t a l o g         a r t i s t s         c o m p o s i t i o n s         c o m p a n y         c o n t a c t


In 1992 two brilliant young
Russian musicians decided
to realize their musical
imagination together in a
Duo : the balalaika virtuoso
Eugenij Belov and Viktoria
Tabatschnikova, pianist.
They had just passed their
examination with „summa
cum laude“ at the St.
Petersburg conservatory.
The unusual combination of the popular balalaika and the more academic piano opens new musical prospects. Balalaika and piano are of the same value in the duo. As – in a certain way - the balalaika sounds similar to the harpsichord, it was obvious to play also compositions of old masters.e.g. J.S. Bach.