A l i s o   R e c o r d s

h o m e         c a t a l o g         a r t i s t s         c o m p o s i t i o n s         c o m p a n y         c o n t a c t


Raul himself


the music of 12

of the 14 pieces

on the CD and

wrote four texts ,

too. Music and

texts of these

„canciones „

are lyric, full

of deep feeling

and add a new

colour to the


spectrum of

Tango music...

Tango of our

time - but

Tango Nuevo ?


Raul Montero is one of the most prominent Tango singers in Uruguay. Together with Miguel Fernandez (Bandoneon)

and Toto Blanke(Guitar) he toured Germany already in the eighties with great success. This CD is Montero`s musical

masterpiece being out of the ordinary Tango Cds, It`s the individual music of the singer Raul Montero - together so characteristic for the country at the Rio de la Plata . Montero´s songs , congenially accompanied by excellent

Uruguayan musicians, show his love for his native country.