A l i s o   R e c o r d s

h o m e         c a t a l o g         a r t i s t s         c o m p o s i t i o n s         c o m p a n y         c o n t a c t


Voisix is an Acapella-sextett that was founded in Feb. 2011. Scince then the six exceptional singers have been following one big concept: to turn popmusic into artmusic - and the other way around.

1. My Lovin 
2. Like A Prayer
3. I’ll Be There
4. Every Breath You Take
5. One Day In Your Life
6. Let Me Entertain You
7. September
8. Vocalise
9. Everybody Wannabe
10. Requiescat
11. Dream A Little Dream
12. Words
13. A Little Less Summer...